Censorship at DC and UOIT

TIMELINE (more to be added)

JUNE to AUGUST 2015 – Speak for the Weak (SFTW) club president, Christian Naggar, prepared club application, including:

  • Required documentation
  • Recruitment of executive and general members

AUGUST 19 – Complete club application submitted to the Student Association (SA)

AUGUST 25 – Email sent to club by the Student Association requesting a meeting to “sit down and review the package in more detail”.

SEPTEMBER 3 – Meeting with members of the Student Association at 11:00AM; club was denied ratification and meeting was adjourned at 11:15AM.

SEPTEMBER 7 – Official meeting notes requested by the club via email

SEPTEMBER 8 – SA’s Administrative Assistant in reply stated, “Unfortunately I do not have formal minutes for this meeting”.

SEPTEMBER 28 – Email sent by the club requesting written reasons for denial.

OCTOBER 6 – Letter received from the SA outlining reasons for denial. See letter from the SA to SFTW here.